Building A Log Home

   There's a lot to consider when building a log home and, through this web site, we hope to educate you, the consumer.

   Take a look at the links below and read through the comprehensive material on what you should know before building you own log home.

  A great home requires the expertise of experienced professionals. Mountain View Homes of Greentown has the experience and the knowledge to design or custom build a log home to meet your exact needs. For more information about building you new log home, give us a call, email or fax today!

 Purchasing Property
Choosing A Log Home Builder/Contractor
Excavating For A New Log Home
Building A Foundation
Log Package & Framing Materials
Log Home Natural Insulation
Plumbing A New Log Home
Electric & Lighting A New Log Home
Heating & Air Conditioning Selection
Windows & Doors For A New Log Home