Log Species & Preparation

    You have the choice of Northern White Cedar, Western Red Cedar or Northern Pine for both full log and Insulated Log Home Packages. Cedar is known for its superior insulating and durability characteristics. Hand-selected pine is also an excellent choice, as versatile as cedar, but more economical.

    The log species offered are chosen not only for their beauty, but for their effectiveness (after seasoning) in resisting warping and shrinking. Our logs are harvested, air dried, then treated at the mill to protect them while your home is under construction.

   Also, you can choose either a smooth grain or rustic peeled finish for your new log home. It's a matter of personal preference. As the name implies, a smooth grain finish is smooth and uniform. By contrast, our rustic peeled finish offers a rough, textured appearance, similar to the handcrafted look found in our ancestors' log cabins.