Log Package & Framing Materials

    Your Log Home Package can be purchased with a full log construction or insulated log construction.

    Full log construction is the traditional, time-honored way of building a log home. The logs are harvested and air-dried to a uniform moisture content prior to shipping to reduce shrinkage and checking. The logs are precision-sawn with a wide, flat surface for increased stability and ease in stacking.

   The insulated log construction, also known as half log, is now a top choice of many new log home owners. The exterior look is authentic and nearly indistinguishable from the traditional, full log home. The popularity of this type of construction is it's energy efficiency. In addition, the interior walls may be finished with materials of your choice.

   Your Log Home Package offers a choice of Northern White Cedar, Western Red Cedar, or Northern Pine and includes all doors and windows, floor system, interior and exterior walls, roof rafters, and architectural shingles.