Plumbing A New Log Homes

    A plumbing system consists of two separate sets of pipes, a water supply system and a drainage system. The water supply system brings clean water to the plumbing fixtures, including bathtubs, sinks and toilets. It also supplies clean water to dishwashers, ice making refrigerators, hot water heaters and washing machines. The water supply system is pressurized and should be made of copper. The drainage system carries away water and waste materials. This system is made of plastic PVC pipe. 

     When building a new home, it is critical that the water supply system and the drainage system be installed properly for efficiency and safety. Defects in a water supply system, such as leaking connections or dripping faucets, can waste large amounts of water. A drainage system that leaks or overflows can create a health hazard by spilling waste materials and the bacteria they contain. The problems are even more serious if the leaks are within wall partitions behind sheetrock or paneling.

    The importance of plumbing materials and labor cannot be stressed enough. However, just as important are the plumbing fixtures a buyer selects. Choose plumbing products with a national reputation, such as Delta, American Standard, and Kohler. Choose colors carefully, as many of them are "fad-ish" and out of style in a few years.

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