Log Home Profiles & Corner Styles

   Every log is precision-sawn to an exact specification to ensure a tight fit and proper log alignment. This precision fit, combined with our full or insulated log wall assembly systems, ensures against air and moisture infiltration.

    Corner construction helps prevent separation and air infiltration in full log homes. It's less of a structural factor in insulated log walls, but certainly an important design element. Certain log shapes and corners are "married." For example, a round log and a square log have a certain style of meeting at the corner, dictating certain corner styles that are efficient and practical. The following profiles should get your wheels turning, and our price list has additional information on the log sizes and combinations available.


Traditional Full Log with Butt and Pass Corners. This is the classic full round log, cut flat on top and bottom for easy stacking.  They create a traditional, Early American log home look. Corners feature a butt and pass intersection. 

 D-Log with Butt and Pass Corners. This profile features a flat interior and round exterior, giving it its distinctive shape. Corners feature a butt and pass intersection.


New Frontier with Vertical Corners.  Rustic, yet ruggedly elegant, this profile is highlighted by 2" x 8" rough-sawn logs and square vertical log corners. Adding yet another applicationto the versatility of our Ultra-R log system.  Chinking optional.  

Rustic Colonial with Vertical Corners. With a traditional Early American look, this profile is right at home in both urban and country settings. Beveled logs are rough sawn from Ultra-R logs, and the walls are then joined by rugged square vertical log corners.

Rustic Round with Butt and Pass Corners. Logs are cut flat and curround a wall of insulation. Indistinguishable from full log construction, and combined with butt and pass corners, they create a truly authentic look harking back to old-time construction.

Rustic Round with Vertical Corners. This option offers a contemporary look and features a square or round vertical log at the corner. It is frequently used on dormers or uniquely angled corners.            

Rough-Sawn with Dovetail Corners. Rough-sawn 2" x 10" logs are joined by dovetail  corners and chinking to create the authentic look of Early American log homes.